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Sex Addicts struggle to make attachments to other human beings. They feel uncomfortable in their own skin.  Sexual Addiction is compensation for failure to make attachment. (Kenneth M. Adams Ph.D., CSAT-S. www.drkenadams.com)

Kavod Addiction Recovery Center offers people who struggle with sex and relationship addictions support, hope, and healing to learn to bring true intimacy into their lives and rebuild relationships.


The Kavod program is based on Patrick Carnes PhD’s task centered approach to addiction treatment. The task centered approach provides daily structure in the form recovery tasks that are performed by the sex addict. The intention is to create a “deep focus” on recovery. Our program for the addict consists of thirty tasks. 

The first seven tasks are;

  1. Break through denial
  2. Understand the nature of addictive illness
  3. Surrender to process
  4. Limit damage from behavior
  5. Establish sobriety
  6. Ensure physical integrity
  7. Participate in a culture of support

Sex addiction is traumatic for all family members. It is essential to help the family address the distressing effects of sex addiction and to partake in recovery. The entire family needs care and attention. Our program, therefore, is also designed to address the needs of the family.


Typical Problems We Treat:

·         Serial infidelity and adultery

·         Addictive use of online porn and social networks

·         Compulsive masturbation

·         Love and relationship addiction

·         Anonymous sexual hook-ups

·         Prostitutes and sexual massage

·         Workplace sexual boundary violations

·         Use of child pornography


Our Services Include:

·         Evaluation

·         Cognitive Behavioral Approach

·         Group and Individual Therapy

·         EMDR: Trauma Treatment

·         12-step support

·         Psycho-Educational Groups

.    Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program 

.    Couples Workshops



Kavod is here to help you get through this tough time.



There are openings  in the Tues evening (6pm-8pm)  Group and the Thursday evening (6-8pm) group. These groups focus on the book "Facing the Shadow" as well as group process. For more information call Dan Morris LCSW, CSAT at 585-546-5180 x1.


Openings for Women's Sex and Relationship Addictions Group 

 For more information contact Dan Morris at 585-546-5180 x3


Openings for Women Partners and Spouses of Men with Sex Addictions Group

For more information about groups, events, and consultation, call Anne Coltre LMHC at 585-546-5180 x5


Psychotherapist Job Opening: 

We need an experienced NY State Licensed therapist to work in our sex addiction rehab.  This individual must be able to receive insurance co-pays. This therapist is expected to learn our specially designed task-centered program. You will provide individual and group psychotherapy.

Job description, income and responsibilities will be discussed at the job interview.